Corporate Team Days

Employee team days with Spitalfields City Farm are a fantastic way to contribute to a local community resource and learn more about the environment that they operate in.

Spitalfields City Farm houses a selection of Farm animals and has extensive growing areas where we concentrate on growing local affordable food for our community. We are an essential resource for local people and we also act as an outdoor classroom offering educational tours, groups and classes, volunteers play a huge part in our work and they come to the Farm to learn new skills and be in a safe and welcoming environment.

A team day with us can be part of an ongoing partnership with the Farm, or as a one-off event, but the benefits are most definitely mutual. 

All the days are designed to be carried out between and 4pm Monday – Friday inclusive.

Benefits for you

• Group activities enhance team bonds and boost morale

• The tasks will introduce new skills and improve communications outside the everyday working environment

• Enjoyment of a rewarding day in an inspirational setting

• The opportunity to engage and visibly contribute to the local environment mitigating the impact of your carbon footprint


Benefits for us

• Spitalfields City Farm receives practical help on site from highly motivated groups

• Organisations and individuals, often without experience of Farm and Gardens, learn about the importance of a rural community in a very built up urban area of London

• Spitalfields City Farm charges for team days to cover staff time and material costs



Tasks vary according to seasons and what is a priority at any one time, however, they are always tailored to suit the interests of the volunteers and their skill-sets.


Below are just some of the tasks that we need help with BUT this list is by no means exhaustive and our needs change on a daily

basis, so always give us a call and we can talk through what we can offer.

• Painting - benches, tables, fences and making signs

• Putting our animal muck into bags so that we can sell it on

• Tidying up the muck heaps

• Mucking out stables

• General tidy up

• Cleaning out our duck pond

• Laying outdoor paving

• Improve access for our wheelchair users

• Build shelving for our new shop

• • New shelter for Donkeys in paddock

• “Makeover” the chicken coop

• General Gardening tasks from weeding to harvesting & watering

• Etc etc etc……..



* Whole days are designed to be carried out between and 4pm Monday – Friday inclusive.

We charge £50 per person with a minimum charge of £500 per group.


* Half days run 10am - 12.30pm or 1.30 -4pm

We charge £25 per person with a minimum charge of £250 per group.



This covers all staff time, materials, the use of gloves, boots and any other protective clothing needed for particular tasks and all health and

safety requirements. This price has been increased by £5 from the last year, we had managed to maintain the lower price but with ever

growing costs we have been forced to increase this. We would also like to reassure Companies/Organisations that this price is very realistic and excellent value for money this also helps us to improve the fabric of the Farm so that we can continue to offer our much needed service to our Community, who live in one of the most deprived boroughs in the UK. We are also very happy to provide a breakdown of costs on application. We are also very interested in having on-going partnerships with organisations and if you think this is for your company then please get in touch.


If you would like to experience working and helping out on the Farm for a day or two then please email Emily or call 0207 247 8762. We can discuss what your requirements and timescales are and what tasks we would like carried out. But also please be aware to get the very best out of the Farm be prepared to be flexible on the day as we may need a hand to shift piles of earth, or clean out a particular paddock or pick up materials etc.